Kits: Cases and Movements

  • This page lists companies that sell case and movement kits for more traditional designs. Below these are companies that sell plans and movements for more modern designs, generally using quartz movements.

    Clock Movement Kits

    • Classic Clock Kits
      6 Badgers Walk
      Purley, Surrey, CR8 3PX
      Great Britain
      Tel: 020 8668 5559
      This is one of the few companies offering skeleton clock movement kits. Machining is completely done and the clock is assembled.
      The finishing of each part is left up to the purchaser. Movements available change but generally consist of single and double fusees, scissors clock, passing strike and full hour strike.


    Clock Case Kits using commercial movements

  • Colonial Times Clock Inc.
    564 Webster St. N.
    Waterloo, Ontario
    Fax 519-884-2512
    Grandfather, wall and mantle finished clocks and kits with pre-cut cases

    • Merritt's Antiques
      1860 Weavertown Road
      P.O. Box 277
      DouglassVille, PA 19518-0277
      800-345-4101 (orders)
      Often has closeouts of kits in their special sales fliers.   


    • Klockit
      The company has kits, plans, quartz and mechanical movements and parts for both traditional and non-traditional designs. Has complete clocks with quartz movements.
    • The Bartley Collection
      65 Engerman Ave.
      Denton Industrial Park
      Denton, MD 21629
      Orders only at 1-800-787-2800
      Maker of antique reproduction re-cut furniture kits. Clock cases include Thomas Harland tall case, Shaker tall clock, shaker wall clock and smaller mantle clocks having quartz movements. A mechanical skeleton clock is available as well. 


    Modern Clocks

    • Turncraft Clocks
      Turncraft has plans and quartz movements. Designs not for the purist.


    Machining Kits

    • Hemingway Kits
      126 Dunval Road
      Shropshire WV16 4LZ
      United Kingdom
      +44 (0) 1746 767739Email
      Lathe accessory kits, mainly for Myford


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