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This web site was created for amateur clockmakers or for those who just like clocks. It provides some valuable information on clock case plans, clock movement plans, parts, tools, materials and complete clocks ready to run. 

For those who do not want to build “from scratch,” we provide a list of firms that supply precut kits and and everything else required to build a reproduction clock. 

A number of the clocks you see in our collection were built based on plans by the Mason & Sullivan Company of Cape Cod.

This firm, like many others such as Craft Products and S. LaRose in the US and Crafts For All Seasons in Great Britain are no longer in business. Over the years, M&S had one of the widest selections of pre-cut clock kits, lumber kits, plans and movements available anywhere. The Plans and Kits sections are an attempt to show that is is still possible for the woodworker to obtain the plans and materials to build a typical American grandfather, wall or mantle clock and many English designs regardless of whether you are a beginner or advanced. In addition, the Plans section contains a large list of manuals showing how to build the entire movements of a number of different clocks. 

New for 2011-2021 is information being provided on using Computer Numeric Control (CNC) to cut clock wheels and other parts on the Resources page. More information is forthcoming as time permits. Work is currently underway on Colin Thorne's Skeleton Clock, John Wilding's Large Wheel clock and starting work on his English Regulator clock.

For those who just want to buy a clock “ready made,” we provide sources for a selection of well-designed and attractive clocks.

We hope you like the site and can benefit from the information collected over 30 years of interest in clocks. 

You can email us directly to ask other questions.  

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