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Other Links:

Here are links to other great clock-related sites not necessarily referenced elsewhere on our site.
  • BHI:  
    The British Horological Institute Web site. Publishers of the Horological Journal, professional society with training, exams, professional titles, booksellers and more. This is probably the world's best known professional horological organization. Watches are covered as well as clocks.


  • The National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors.  
    Some have called the NAWCC the American version of the BHI. NAWCC  Headquarters is at 514 Poplar Street, Columbia, PA 17512-2130
    Phone: 717-684-8261, Fax: 717-684-0142. The Association sponsors training classes, maintains the Watch and Clock Museum and a lending library.

  • HOROLOGY - The Index
    Fortunat Muller-Maerki's original site was updated by Ted Urban and is now part of NAWCC. One of the best Web sites for anyone interested in horology: the science and practice of clocks and time. Lots of resources here.


  • The American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute 
     is the premier international  organization dedicated to preserving and promoting the highest standards of workmanship in the horological crafts. It is the role of AWI to set the standard of excellence to be applied to the quality of instruction for both the restoration and repair practices that are taught worldwide."

  • TEE Publishing Ltd
    The Fosse, Fosse Way,
    Radford Semele, Leamington Spa,
    Warwickshire, CV31 1XN, England
    Tel: (+44) 01926 614101
    Fax: (+44) 01926 614293
    Publishers of Engineering in Miniature and booksellers
    Published the discontinued "The Clockmaker" and has back issues.

  • Clocks Magazine
    For those interested in the collection and practical aspects of clocks.
    Published in Scotland by Splat Publishing Ltd.
    141b Lower Granton Road
    Edinburgh EH5 1EX, UK
    +44 (0) 131 331 3200
    John Hunter, Editor


   Subscriptions subscriptions@clocksmagazine.com
   Advertising advertising@clocksmagazine.com
   US agent subscribe@imsnews.com
Toll free: 800 428 3003
   Australian agent sales@smithnsmith.com.au
Tel: 02 9264 2600
Horology magazine cover


  • Model Engineer 
    One of the oldest and most respected model engineering publications. Source of many construction series, especially live steam railroad models. Recently changed owners:
    Tower House
    Sovereign Park
    Market Harborough Leics LE16 9EF
    United Kingdom
    UK Subscriptions: 08456 777 807
    US Subscriptions 877-363-1310
    email MyhobbyStore@subscription.co.uk
    US Subscriptions expsmag@expressmag.com



  • Model Engineers' Workshop 
    Sister publication to ME with mainly tooling and workshop techniques.
    Hadlow House, 9 High Street
    Green Street Green
    Orpington, Kent BR6 6BG
    United Kingdom
    UK Subscriptions: 08456 777 807
    US Subscriptions 877-363-1310
    email myhobbyStore@subscription.co.uk

  • Clock Builder's Homepage
    John B. Shadle's homepage. Photos and descriptions of clock cases and prizewinning movements he built. Shadle showed the progress of constructing one movement on the Web as he built it. The site has links to other brass and wooden wheel clockmakers. Site to end 12/2/2011.
  • Ian Cobb's Site
    Supplier of Brass & Steel as well as pre-cut wheels for a number of J. Wilding's clocks. Books, plans, materials.
    8 Poplar Avenue
    Birstall, Leicestershire, LE4 3DU
    +(44) 0116 2676063
  • The Clock Site
    "The Home of Antique Clocks"
    Carlo G. Croce's impressive site with descriptions and photos of 38+ clocks he's built. Also in Italian.
  • Dave Blackman's site - a collector of Vienna Regulator clocks. Has other links to more information.
    Some clock case plans from a commercial site: Vienna Regulator, Long Drop Regulator, Schoolhouse Clock, Mission Grandfather, etc.
  • Woodworking plans
    English commercial DIY site with about a dozen clock case plans. 
    Workshop plans by David Bryant, the author of one of the best books on some classic English designs. Plan prices from £5.50 to £11:00.
  • Rex Swensen's Web site
    Devoted to clockmaking using CNC machining. Items include crossing out on a CNC mill, construction of a Vienna Regulator, Programming, tooth cutting on a CNC mill.
  • Timecraft
    Unit 19, Sefton Lane Industrial Estate
    Maghull, Liverpool, L31 8BX
    Tel. + 44 (0)151 526 2516  
    Fax. + 44 (0)151 526 4455

    Exporters of movements and plans for clocks. Good selection of movements not available elsewhere.
  • Guy Lautard's Site
    Provides books, tools & plans for clocks and clockmaker's tools. Plans for several skeleton and other clocks designed by England's Colin Thorne are available here. Lautard has a series of "Machinist's Bedside Readers" that are full of machinist plans and information.
  • Barren Creek Clocks
    Makers and repairers of wooden gear clocks and cases
    318 Bridge Street. (Current as of November 2011)
    P. O. Box 239
    Mardela Springs, MD 21837
    (410) 749-2505

  • Clock Mechanics
    Woodworking clock plans and kits, especially the "Thomas Clock." No catalog.
    The Clock Mechanics
    4924 Walnut Drive
    Des Moines, Iowa 50327-7158

  • Wassell Woodworking
    Photos of some of the wooden wheel clocks he's built.

  • Historic Timekeepers Restoration Services and Supplies
    Services vintage clock and watches. Good photos of work.
  • The Long Now Organization
    Drawings in PDF and DWG (Autocad) form for a 10,000-year clock.

    Firms no longer in business:

    Mason &Sullivan (Cape Cod kit supplier)
    S. LaRose (Clock & watch parts. The LaRose URL points to Klockit who bought part of the business)
    Timecraft (British journal)
    The Clockmaker (British journal)


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