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Resources: Computer Numeric Control (CNC)

       Presumably the future in hobby/amateur clockmaking: using CNC to make clock movements

  • Carter Tools
    Nick Carter's incredible Web site. He is a Taig distributor and has pages and pages of links relating to the use of Taig mills and lathes - a very valuable Web site. Contact via email preferred.
    Nicholas Carter
    25360 Oak Lane
    Philomath, Oregon 97370
    email felice@casco.net
  • Artsoft
    CNC software including Mach3 for mills and lathes, LazyCam for mills and Lazyturn for lathes. Mach3 controls stepper or servo motors that run the CNC machines via G code. LazyCam and Lazyturn are CAM programs that create G code based on the tooling and offsets. Software can be downloaded as demo version. An important part of this site is an excellent forum where a new (or experienced) user can get help for any Mach problems.
    Newfangled Solutions
    443 Lovejoy shores Dr.
    Fayette, ME 04349

  • Geckodrive
    Manufacturers of controllers for stepper motors and servo motors.
    Geckodrive, Inc.
    14662 Franklin Ave.
    Suite E
    Tustin, CA 92780
    (714) 832-8874
    FAX (714) 832-8082

  • Keling Technology
    Stepper & Servo motors, power supplies, controllers, CNC/CAM software

  • Sherline
    U.S. maker of small precision lathes, mills and attachments. The Sherline lathe is a favorite machine to convert to CNC.  Many amateur clockmakers and professional repair firms are using the Sherline in their work.

    Some parts, the CNC rotary table for example, can be attached to the Taig mill as a fourth axis enabling clock teeth to be cut on the mill.



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