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Downloadable CAD drawings for the John Wilding English Regulator

The following drawings in Autocad DXF format are a selection of the drawings used as input to CAM/CNC systems to produce clock wheel blanks for John Wilding's English Regulator clock. All measurements are in inches.

These drawings were used to produce G Code in Lazycam and imported into Mach 3. The parts were cut out in 1/16 or 1/8 in. brass sheet  using a Taig CNC mill. However, these drawings should not be deemed universal as some constructors may want slightly larger O.D.s so they can turn them down as they see fit.

This Web page should be regarded as under construction. At some point, more drawings and photos of the parts may be provided as well as the G Code generated by the CAM program.

The teeth will be formed with a Sherline rotary table mounted on the Taig mill. Due to a move and six-month storage, all equipment is still being set up as of early 2012. As the shop is set up and running again, more information and photos of the CNC system will be added. A partially complete version of Wilding's Large Wheel Clock is shown at the end of the Collections page. Some of the smaller wheels were cut out on the CNC Taig. Parts in progress are the collets, barrel and click spring.

John Wilding English Regulator Drawings

Name File name File Size O.D I.D.
Main Wheel ER-Mainwheel.dxf 119 BB 3.5 .3125
Center Wheel ER-Centerwheel.dxf 126 KB 2.35 .1875
Third Wheel ER-Thirdwheel.dxf 119 KB 2.21 .1875
Hour Wheel ER-HourWheel.dxf 73 KB 3.605 .2813
Weight Pulley ER-Weightpulley.dxf 124 KB 2.0 .2188
Pulley  Frame ER-Pulleyframe.dxf 123 KB NA NA
Barrel Flange(s) ER-BarrelFlanges.dxf 119 KB 2.0 .3125
Escape Wheel ER-EscapeWheel.dxf 125 KB 1.75 .7813
Maintaining Ratchet ER-MaintainingRatchet.dxf 119 KB 3.1875 .3125
Back Cock ER-BackCock.dxf 122 KB NA NA
Maintaining Ratchet Detent ER-MaintainingRatchetDetent.dxf 120 KB NA NA
Top of plates cutout ER-TopOfPlates-Cutout.dxf 122 KB NA NA



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